About the Census


What is the Census?

The Census is a once-in-a-decade official measure of the number and characteristics of people living in Malta and Gozo on Census Night.  The Census also counts private dwellings.  The questionnaires should be filled in by a mature person within the household.  Parents will need to fill in the details for each of their children, including newborn babies.  Questions are on a range of subjects, including age, sex, education, employment and household facilities.



When will it be held?

The focal point of the Census of Population and Housing to be held later this year is Sunday, 20 November. The night of this particular Sunday is usually referred to as “Census Night”.


What is its scale? 

  • Comprehensive coverage of persons living in Malta and Gozo
  • Some 142,000 households in Malta and Gozo involved
  • An allocated budget of €2 million 
  • Forms available in English and Maltese
  • An additional workforce of about 1,000 recruited
  • 40 local area networks organised 


How will the Census be carried out?

Census forms will be sent to your home several days before Census Day.  This enables you to understand the questions at your leisure.  Your enumerator will call to collect the filled forms and to help with any difficulties.  He/she will have attached a National Statistics Office identity card.


Why is the Census held?

Census information is used by a large variety of users - policy makers, town planners, local council authorities, service providers, researchers and businesses.


Why should you participate in the Census?

  • Taking part in the Census is important for you, your family and your locality.
    The Census provides statistics that are vital for the planning of schools, libraries, nurseries, homes for the elderly and day centres, playgrounds, health clinics, new roads and bus routes.  So, by participating you are helping yourself, your children and the elderly members of your family to have a safer life and better care.
  • Answering the Census ensures efficient delivery of goods and services.

    The business sector uses census information to locate new shopping outlets, new housing units, offices and service outlets such as hair and beauty salons and restaurants.


Confidentiality of your personal information is guaranteed.

Enumerators ask to see your I.D. Card only to assist the administrative process. The census officer gives primary importance to the collection and processing of census information under secure conditions. The confidentiality clause in the Census Act provides legal protection by making the disclosure of personal census information a criminal offence.


What should you have at hand?

Identity cards of the family members entitled to these, and birth certificates of the younger children (if available).  


Note on participation

Your participation in the Census is mandatory.


We're here to help you

Please do ask the enumerator who collects the forms from your home for help with the questionnaire.

Alternatively, you may contact us here.

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